FarmTown, my other facebook addiction.

At this present moment, I am addicted to 4 facebook games. Restaurant City, Scramble, Word Twist and FarmTown… Its tough having to split my time among the 4 games… and wait a minute.. arent I suppose to be working on something else… like new sticker decals..

Everyday, I tell myself that I need to work on something productive and meaningful.. and so I fail everyday, to remove myself from the clutches of these social interactive games.. sigh… 

Thats me trying out a checker field..

Thats me trying out a checker field..

So anyway, this post is about FarmTown. Here I am, level 30. Only 4 levels to reach the peak. It does take some determination to really do it till the end. It is a bit tedious and like real farming… gets a little boring.. but I want to buy the mansion and have a trophy farm .. 🙂

There have been some new crops and new farming features that are great. I like growing pineapples and the peppers field are pretty. Raspberry and Blueberries are nice crops too. I have been trying out patterns on my fields.. dont seem to work out for me.. havent got any pattern that I am happy with..

Its a maze!

Its a maze!

Sometimes, there are surprises. Like I was at the marketplace, looking to hire some harvesters and got hired myself.. turns out that this very nice gal had a really cute farm!

This other side of her farm.. it took awhile to finish harvesting.

This other side of her farm.. it took awhile to finish harvesting.

Its so refreshing to see another gamer that is out to have fun! Just like me… its not about winning. I keep telling people that.

Yes, .. I almost couldnt finish the harvesting and plowing… I got dizzy.. but seeing this field really made my day!


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