Lang’s very own recipe for easy meals.

This had been a really busy week for me. I had 3 deadlines to meet on Friday in my engineering job.. I was so focus on getting it out of the door and viola! We did it. After that, was the packing for going to Sebana and going to Phuket directly from Sebana. .. so did I forget anything..? hee hee hee… yes of course.. I forgot to plan our weekend meals.. We like to have a good galley cooked meal every weekend, my forgetting is unacceptable! Pork_rib_soup

It was Saturday morning, on our drive over, that I realize we had no food plans.. So whats the big deal? You might think that, but in Sebana, its not like living in a city. Its not so convenient to go out for dinner, and supermarkets are not stocked with fresh meat or vegs. It not like you can say, I feel like having salmon, or steak, or most anything.. Whatever exotic food I crave, I plan, buy and bring over from home.

We had to drive a little faster to get to early market at Sungai Rengit and we just made it there before 8am! At 8, hawkers pack and by 830am, the market is washed! Anyway, still no plans… fish? squid? pork? chicken? what? Well, we settled on something we like and is easy to make… Pork Rib Soup.  All we need is some pork rib bones and cabbage. We always have a supply of garlic, chili, soy sauce on board, and a veg side of stir fry sprouts, there we have it, a dinner plan.

There are many styles of Chinese pork rib soup and there is a Ah Ma’s style also… my own recipe is adapted to my own liking… low salt, bare minimum ingredients for easy prep and less herbs if they are not in arms reach when I am cooking.. yes, simple and practical meal for galley cooking.

My recipe: 1) Skin and cut garlic in halves. 2) Separate leaves of cabbage from the head, cut the stems away from the leafy part. 3) Start water boiling in a big pot, add in garlic halves. 4) Rub salt into the pork ribs, then rinse away bone chips and salt. 5) Cut red chili crosswise and pour dark soy sauce over it. Chili should be totally submerge under the soy.

By this time, the water should be boiling. Add stems of cabbage to pot, cover, medium heat. After 15mins, add pork and cabbage leaves, cover. After another 15 mins, scoup out some floating fat patches from the soup (optional), add dark soy from the chili bowl, add pepper powder, cover. While soup is boiling, prepare to “steam” rice. 1) Wash 1 cup rice and rinse. 2) Add 1 cup water to rice in cooking pot. 3) Boil rice in medium high heat till boiling, with cover on. 4) When boiling, turn to low heat, stir rice, make sure no sticking to bottom. Put back cover and boil at low heat. Check rice pot after 5mins. If looks dry on surface, close lid and turn off heat. If still wet, let it simmer in low heat. Check every few minutes until surface looks dry.

Next prepare stir fry veg. 1) Mince garlic and chili 2) pick the tails off sprouts 3) heat oil in pan, scatter garlic and chili in pan when oil is hot 4) add sprouts and 1/2 cup water 5) Stir fry for 2 mins in medium heat, add 2 teaspoon light soy or fish sauce, stir in.

After all the above doings.. soup, rice and stir fry will be ready to serve. Seems like alot of work? Not really, its really quick to prepare. Sure its easier to open a can of something, but this is better and more nutricious.. I hope.


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