Another great FB game: FarmTown!

As a matter of fact, I dont sleep very much… which is why I have time for all these games. .. could I use it more productively? .. 🙂 I wished!. .. I didnt think that I would be spending so much time on it when I started, but once started, just cant stop.. Be warned! FB games side effects, less sleep, less focus on more important stuff… and a tendency to pick up other bad habits… 😉

FarmTown! Yeah!

Lang's home in FarmTown. Cotton balls ready to harvest.

Another facebook game that I think is not bad, FarmTown. Fancy yourself a farmer? This is the game for you. Graphics is simple and thats attractive to me. Content and concept of the game is interesting. Kudos to the developers, for thinking out of the box, in creating this game concept that is totally not in this world. In the real world, you would have to pay to get workers, but here in this game, you dont. In addition to that, your harvest is worth more if its harvested by a friend or anybody from the market. This is a great way to encourage teamwork among friends to help each other move up the game ladder. As I have said before, facebook games are not about winning. I really enjoy playing games like these with people that are not so hung up about winning, and for those that are, I wont play it with them.

Thats me on around my crops.

Thats me on around my crops.

Aside from the concept, this game is similar to most other RPG games. You start small, have limited choices of seeds and things to buy. You are required to plow and plant and wait for harvest. Then you hire your friends (if they are online and playing FT too), or hire someone from the market to harvest. You could do your own harvest if you really want too… remember there are incentives to hire someone to do it. Finally, you sell the stuff in storage and use the money to plow and plant again. If your harvest died and you’re outa money, you can wait to be hired by going to the marketplace. Just drop a polite note to the crowd, that you are looking for work. Spammers gets nowhere with me. If someone irritates you, click on him/her, and click on ignore.
Just afew tips from me. You get points for plowing (1) and planting (2). In general, you want gain points for moving up the levels, which means you plant something quick growing so that you can harvest and plant again. For that, you wont get alot of money. If you wont be around for 4hrs or more, do not plant grapes or raspberries, cos they will wilt before you could harvest, which means no money. If you are eying the house or some building, it might seem like they cost alot, so you want to go for a crop that pays. Onions and peppers, are my favorite crops for getting steady income. I like to look at pumpkins and rice fields when they are ready to harvest, so I plant them, but they dont yield as much. Since I am not in it to win, I just plant it for decorating my farm.
Flowers and animals wont gain anything for ya, and they take up space. .. but I like to have them around. So anyway, its really up to you.
So anyway, you work your way up the levels and reward yourself with a nice home, flowers on the frontyard and pool at the back. After achieving the ultimate goal, which is to buy a mansion at level 34, you wonder whats next in life on facebook.. 🙂

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