The people that inspire me

I was about 10 years old, in school, in a class, when my teacher ( really sorry I dont remember which one ) told the class about a young man from UK cycled to Singapore. That time, his bicycle (after thousands of miles) needed some fixing and he was reaching out to kind souls to help him on his journey back. That was the 1st time in my life that I was inspired to go out and do something.

I never understand why, all the things that inspires people to achieve higher goals are failed on me. But somehow, this solo cyclist had me thinking, the world without borders. I didnt know nothing about crossing borders, the logistics or anything about the countries that he pass thru on his way down. All I knew was that he did it, and it was an achievement that has no meaning to anybody else, but himself. Not sure why, but I kept my desire to go on a journey like that to myself.. but this desire is still with me, after all these years.

2003, I read on Reader’s Digest, a UK girl had rowed across the Atlantic solo, after her male partner suffered health issues and gave up. Debra Searle, then 27, saw no reason to not continue on her own. It would simply mean that her trip would be alot longer than the planned 6 weeks. So what? Just do it.. Most people in her situation would have to struggle to find a reason to continue.. dont u think? Read about her at http://www.debrasearle.com

Lang and old_drax crossing the 2nd link.

Lang and old_drax crossing the 2nd link.

After reading about Debra, I decided to go ahead and do something outrageous in the eyes of my family and friends. I rode my Yamaha Dragstar 125cc chopper bike up to Genting. Who woulda thot the small V-twin coulda made it up there? .. but we (me and the engine) did it. It was supposed to be a easy 7hr trip, but terrible directions and I got lost near KL. Finally arrive in 9hrs, over shaken by the vibration on the handlebars and scorched by the intense midday sunlight. I had a little difficulty willing myself to ride back on the next day, but yes we did it again.

So what’s the point of doing that 2 day trip that was not even a true challenge? For my relatives and friends, I want to prepare them for my bigger future plans where I be gone much longer and probably doing something unthinkable to them.

Eleanor sailing

My little magic carpet, S/V Eleanor

2004, I took up sailing, bought a Walker Bay 8 dinghy and sailed solo from Punggol to Angler’s bank on my 1st major trip out. My destination was East Coast, but I didnt make it. I was poorly equiped at that time and could not continue the whole journey safely, so I only made it as far as Angler’s bank. I had big plans, on that little boat… what if I outfit her properly, could I make it around Singapore? Southern islands and all? I still do have the desire to do that.. and little Sea Sparrow is waiting.. she has been waiting 5 years now.. 

Sailing on S/V Sea Sparrow

Sailing on S/V Sea Sparrow

2005, I sailed with Doug to Phuket on S/V Calliste. It was a great trip for me, especially since I was going to do the same journey solo on S/V Eleanor someday..

2009, Doug turn me onto Roz Savage rowing across the Pacific. Though I am not really into rowing, I am following her on Facebook and Twitter. There is something about young people who sent aside their career and go out there to do almost impossible journeys that motivates me. I have the same desires, but I have the same excuse as everyone else… “I have work to do” ! Huhh..? Something is wrong with me. I need to get out there, no excuses.


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