Rising quickly in the world of Restaurant City

Sure there are many ways to make it big quickly, but doesnt it takes the fun out of gaming. Newbies to this game? Here are some tricks that I learn about this game that you accelerate your learning curve and help you rise quickly, in the prim and proper way. But… 1st of all, I want to say this. This is a game for promoting social interaction. Its not about winning, its about having good fun online with your friends.

Alright, so you have just got hooked on this game. At this stage, you are probably between level 3 to 8. The 1st few levels are very easy, you could have done it without much thought at all. As you advance, its gonna get a little tougher and it seems daunting to move up that level. Like you might think, how much time would it take to collect 2000 gourmet points for the next level?

Layout planning.

Layout planning.

You might not do 2000 points in 1 session. Trick #1, let your people rest, then go into renovation mode, prop a chair or something against the door so that the customers wont come in. Finally, remember to click the save button before exiting. I have lost many early points by leaving too hastily without saving. Its painful. When ready to start again, assign your people and move the object away from the door and start collecting money again.

Trick #2, you should realise that the sitting arrangement of your customers will make a difference in how fast you gain those points. The idea is, to have the waiter walk as little distance as possible. Also, realise that it takes longer to cook a dish and to serve it. I have personally found that 1 waiter will work well with 3 cooks, if he dont have to walk too far between tables. This is my layout for now, I am not too happy about it yet, but I need more space.. working towards that.

Gaining gourmet points

Gaining gourmet points, at 2.2 per level 7 dish

 Trick #3, gain more points per dish served. You have a choice of what to serve for starters, main and dessert. Whatever your choice, focus on growing the level of your selected dish. A level 1 dish gives 1 point, level 2 dish gives 1.2 point… and for every level up, add 0.2 points. The max level is 10, which at that level, gives 2.6 points. That means you restaurant level will grow at its fastest rate if you serve 3 level 10 dishes. After gaining your 3 level 10 dishes, you can go for the awards or grow your dishes just for fun.

Daily market seller

Daily market seller

Trick #4, everyday you are given 1 free ingredient for logging in and 1 more if you answer the quiz correctly. At that rate, your dish level will rise only slowly. The alternative is to get your friends to join and get a free ingredient, or buy from the market seller. She offers 3 ingredients per day and her prices varies. If she is selling want you need, buy it! If shes not, then buy something cheap and exchange it with your friends. Hopefully your friends need what you bought and have what you need. An iffy situation, but works better than nothing.  …

Finally tip, if you are desperate to grow your dishes and your restaurant, you can buy credits from the game developers to buy ingredients.. if they are selling what you need. .. or… you can visit the “swap black market” setup by my beloved mamacat.. check it out http://blackmama.wordpress.com/ ..

The day has finally come, my cat is going to be self sufficient. Like celebrity cats out there… 🙂


2 Responses to “Rising quickly in the world of Restaurant City”

  1. 1 seowyin
    June 13, 2009 at 4:44 am

    Wow, you are really hooked!! :p

  2. February 2, 2010 at 8:50 am

    Amiable post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

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