Whats so great about Restaurant City on FB?

I like the clean fun and the interaction it brings out amongst friends on FB. I mean its fun that players checks in on their business every few hours, to feed the hungry crew and to look up friends for swapping ingredients.

Lang's Seafood Shack in operation.

Lang's Seafood Shack in operation.

Everybody is your friend on this street and you know them. Isnt that cool? And you hire friends to work in your restaurant and decide when they eat, rest and work… All at your fingertips.. oh you manipulator you! But thats kinda fun too. 

Here is the full story. You start small, a little shack with 1 stove, few tables and 2 crew. The beginners’ tutorial is great and gets you started right away. Ahah! But there are some tricks to gain points quickly, that will get you to the next level where you either get to hire another staff or get a bigger place for more tables or decorations.

Arranging the furniture in the best way to maximise you points/hr is key… unless you like to move up the slow way.. Generally, you want the server to walk as little as possible, therefore the distance from stove to table should be short. And there the thing about decoration of your place. Personalize it, give it your style! Great selection of assessories available for the serious decorator.

Tiger prawns served at my Seafood paradiso.

Tiger prawns served at my Seafood paradiso.

Now lets talk about food.. what d’ya serve at your pad? This is my favorit topic! I am a beginner at this. Just trying to get enough ingredients to up my Tiger Prawns level had been a struggle.. I am still trying! And also serving my favorite Kiwi Lemon Sorbet for dessert. Alway aways to go to level 10, which btw is the highest level for a dish.  So how do you get the ingredients? Each day that you login to RC, you be given a free item. It may or may not be what you need. You go down the street and visit your friends and check out what they have and just maybe you guys could swap to each others’ benefit. .. somehow.. See that promotes interaction.. right? I mean, what would you rather do? Drink beer and talk about your day at work or who has the meanest boss or bitch about the financial crisis? Oh come on!

This is my pad on street. Click to enter..

This is my pad on street. Click to enter..

And you get awarded some decorations that you can put around your pad to display your achievements. Quite well designed, those medals actually look nice and dont take up space in my house. Ego boosting and practical.. 🙂 .. So you get a prize for visiting your friends 100 times, picking up trash, barter trading, interior decorating,.. etc…

So now, go try it! And tell me that wasnt fun.. I am certainly hooked.


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