Blog, a modern day diary.

Remember those days when you write a diary..? If you did, was it a “matter of fact” record of your plans, activities, achievements? Or did you write because you mother or teacher told you to do it and hand it up like some assignment? That was quite a terrible experience..wasnt it?

My colorful daily activity diary from 1997.

My colorful daily activity diary from 1997.

I always thought some record of my routine daily activities would be nice, especially since I am quite a forgetful person. Writing down the happenings helps me remember more details, and I could look back if I dont. And I have a more personal “thoughts and feels” diary, to capture my real feelings.. sometimes uncertainty, sometimes unkind.. things that I dont want other people to know about..

Check out my handwriting. I dont write that much anymore.

Check out my handwriting. I dont write that much anymore.

Having pictures to go along with the diary would be great, but in those early days of mass photography, the effort and $$ involved were too much. Remember, film was a required media for cameras until about 8 years ago.

I got into digital photography in 2004 with my pretty cool Nikon Coolpix 5700. For some reason, it took 5yrs of more technology development before I realize the potential of pictorial diary. The technology was there, but it just didnt get to me until last year.

Now, middle age me, writing a blog and thinking how fabuluos is this modern day computer technology and internet, that allows pictorial diaries that could be private or open to public as you wish, and stored on a server somewhere that is hopefully “backed” on disk farms that are more secure than my house or my own systems.

A blog is really not a diary, becos the writer will usually consider his audience. A diary is where you record personal feelings, family events and all other stuff that should not be in public.. unless you write a gossip column and feel that its your duty to dig and reveal the dark secrets of celebrities or politicians. .. but then, you would be writing about other peoples’ secrets and not yours.

Right now, I am really excited about using the concept of blog and making a pictorial non-personal diary using this space on wordpress. I try to do 2 post/week, a little motivational target that I set for myself and finding myself on the lookout for blogworthy material and taking alot more pictures for documenting my work/cooking.. At this time, I am not really sure why I put in all this effort into making a successful blog, but I think, if 1 day when I look back and was discovering myself and my thoughts now, this blog would be successful in my own eyes.

At this time, writing a blog is fun… if its not, I will probably not continue. Maybe there is a part of me that craves attention and I enjoy reading comments from readers. Its okay, I will know in due time, what it is that drives me…

BTW, I am not taking any chances that the www can be totally wiped out by strange madmen (aka hackers) or aliens. I make prints of my posting and save soft copies on CD backups… just in case my memoirs would be worth anything in future..


1 Response to “Blog, a modern day diary.”

  1. 1 sinairesse
    May 30, 2009 at 11:36 am

    Nice one.

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