messing around with clams and cockles

Dimsum in JB

Dimsum in JB

Long weekends are great for planning extra special meals, throw in a little sightseeing, and work on afew projects that have been on hold during the week.

A perfect start to a great weekend, breakfast at our favorite Dimsum breakfast place. Bottom right, my favorite, steamed century egg on pork. Bottom left, Siew Mai. They were good! Top Left, BBQ marinated porkballs, okay, not bad. Middle right, deepfried yam cake.. nah, normal. Top right, deepfried prawn dumpling, good. RM13, including pot of tea.

We discovered this eating place by driving around looking for food in 2007. It turned out to be so good that we keep going back there whenever we get a chance. I guess thats fate huh.. Business hrs 0430 to1230 only. They are located near Pelangi Mall JB.

Predawn picture of Dimsum shoppe

Predawn picture of Dimsum shoppe

We try not to stop/shop anywhere in JB or KT(after that Trio scratching incident), but these are hard times and everybody likes a bargain. With proper planning, things could work out well. We were at Tesco at 0800hrs, thats the opening time. Very few cars and shoppers around. Parked right in front entrance and security. We like Tesco. Easy to get there, bargains and timing suit us well. We hate to shop where there is a crowd.

Farmed cockles. Very fresh and look clean.

Farmed cockles. Very fresh and look clean.

Two ground rules about eating/shopping in MY, eat at shops where you can see your car, shop at big malls that have proper uniformed smart looking security guards. Otherwise, appoint your own security guard, eg Doug on guard in Trio while I shopped in Kips. Yes, we went back. I have a hankering for seafood again. I tried, but found no other sources for seafood supply after 3 days of pre-weekend “google”ling. Not much variety of shellfish this week, but whatever they had were very fresh. I bought a kilo of cockles and whiteshell clams, vege and stuff. Manage to get away without any door dings. Phew!

whiteshell clams

whiteshell clams

I was disappointed that the exotic stuff were not available this weekend. Oh well, so we’ll make the best out of it anyway. Menu change. Lang is having a “clambake” and maybe cockle cevichi will be the next hit..? Fresh broth from clam cooking makes a great clam chowder. Thats 3 seafood meals for this weekend! Yum!

Cockle cevichi, a new dish for us?

Cockle cevichi, a new dish for us?

 1KG of cockles is too much for 1 person in a day! Really! Doug doesnt like clams or cockles, but he does like clam chowder and cevichi. So here we go, making a cevichi. Boil cockles for just 2mins. Turn off heat, let it cool. Cockles should be cooked, but not overly cooked. Pry open and pull out meat. Put cockle meat into a bowl with minced garlic, onion and chili flakes. Cover with lime juice. Stir the content, add pepper. Refrigerate for 4hrs. Serve chilled.

Whiteshell clams cooked

Whiteshell clams cooked

I made this batch extra spicy and I forgot the onions… not quite tasting like a cevichi… more like a spicy thai dish instead… Hmm… thats the thing about last minute menu changes, somethings forgotten during the food prep…

I like whiteshell clams much better than Manila clams! They are so much better tasting and usually stay fresher, less stinky during washing, less muddy..

Yum! Having a great weekend feast! Thank God for long weekends!


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