Patching Trio … DIY …

I started this patching work on Trio 1 day after her “hate attack” scratching. I have owned 3 cars and 3 motorbikes so far in my life. None of my other vehicles have been so victimized before. Poor Trio, she is such a attractive girl and that makes some people jeolous.

The scratches. Picture taken on the spot at Kips' Mart carpark.

The scratches. Picture taken on the spot at Kips' Mart carpark.

For all it is worth, I want those bad people with “uneven minds” and “unbalanced mentality” to know, that no matter what is done to Trio, she is stronger and better than all of you nitwits!

And for you good people, who sympathise with me and poor Trio, this is a writeup on how to DIY scratch patching on cars.

Fix kit

Fix kit

First, remove decals, wash car and clean the affected area thoroughly. Use only car wash soap that have no wax in it. Paint will not stick to waxed surface.

Next, sand the grooves to remove sharp edges. Use only 1500 to 2000 grit sandpaper. Only a little sanding will do, you can feel the difference with your fingers. Wipe area with damp lint-free cloth to remove sanding dust.

Specially ordered for color match to Trio

Specially ordered for color match to Trio

These are my special pens ordered from the US. W23 is the exact color for Trio. No shop in SG has it, and also they wont have primer and clearcoat. At least that was the case, when I was looking for it. I know that autobacs now have a good selection of colors tho…

After afew coats of paint

After afew coats of paint

After afew coats of touchup paint, this is what it looks like. Notice the “sinking” in of the paint into the grooves? It takes many many coats to fill in those deep scratches! BTW, read the application instructions for best results or do a google for advise on touchup pens.

The small problem that I had is this, how many coats is enough? The bigger problem, as I discovered, is how to overcome my impatience. After 3 coats, I ran out of time for the weekend. Hurriedly, I decided to “rub” and see what its like. The result, not so good, but much better than when I started. At least the colours matched and unless you look at it at some angle where the light reflects into the grooves, it is not so visible. It was impossible to even take a good picture to show it here, cos the camera cant focus on all white.

"Compounding" or "Rubbing"

"Compounding" or "Rubbing"

Thats me rubbing off the excess paint with the 3M rubbing compound. Rub only the affected area.

Took about 1/2 hr to get it down smooth. But seeing the grooves… sigh… more to do next weekend.


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