My kitties

Alright! I am a cat person…. slave ..? Here are my 3 kitties that rule my household. They certainly get the most use out of my house than I do.

SnooZy. Dont be fooled by her appearance.

SnooZy. Dont be fooled by her appearance.

Queen SnooZy, the sofa is her throne, and so is everywhere else that she demands. It will be given to her instantly.

She was 1st adopted by my sis. According to her, SnooZy’s mum left her unattended for quite awhile when she was a kitten. Concerned that shes not going to be able to feed/fend for herself, sister took her home. Spoilt her ever since.

Life change for sis and Snoozy needs a new home. So here she is, my 1st cat, and she used to sleep at my feet. I quite enjoy that life with a companion that is so attached to me.

aka Sooty, but she never responded to that name

aka Sooty, but she never responded to that name

Mama Cat, aka Sooty. Its a long story. Mama was a pretty stray cat in my block when I was living at my aunt’s. Sometimes, I leave bits of food and water for kitties around the block during my evening walks, and I would make a “clok clok” sound to let them cats know that dinner is served. It was a daily routine and I would see Mama, my regular. 

I missed her for a week, and I wondered what happen to her. I searched for her in the neighbourhood for 7 days, almost giving up, but hoping that somebody has adopted her. When I did find her again, she was sick, sitting on the steps at the lobby. I brought her home (much to SnooZy’s displeasure), saw the vet the next day, fed her med and food. Let her go when she was well again, and the daily routine repeats. Soon, however, she was finding her way up to my apt and took to waiting outside the door, meowing gently was her way of knocking. Thats okay for me, but SnooZy is not happy at all. Shortly after, I notice Mama was expecting.. and was trying to get into the house as it was a safe place for her kittens. So I took her in, house her in the kitchen as it had a door separating the living room, such that the rest of the house belong to Snoozy. Oct 2001, 2 cute little kittens were born in a box in the kitchen.. 🙂 … One of them died after 2 weeks, which was sad… He was the cuter of them 2.

Smudgey, a chip of the old block

Smudgey, a chip of the old block

Anyway, Smudgey the fat boy was a handful since birth. He is a greedy little thing and always had a full round tummy. He has surpirisingly strong genes and was never sick. A pity that he had a deformed tail since birth.. Well, he’s black, just like Mama. Although, Mama has prettier green eyes and nice long tail..

I moved from my aunt’s big apt into my own smaller apt in 2001. The door that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house is gone. And just how do my cats get along without the separation? Hah, they dont. One time, in the middle of the night, Smudge was being naughty, Snoozy pounced on him, Mama to his rescue and I got hurt. 2 trips to the doctor in the 1st yr of housing them. Now they have their routine, they stay out of each others way and I stay out of their fights.. which is not that regular anyway. ..


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