A pretty place, full of troubles

Sebana Cove Golf & Marina notes and pictures.

Scenic view

Scenic view

S/V Calliste and S/V Eleanor arrived at Sebana 2006 and has been there since. Quiet marina, very still water, pretty place, the reasons why we decided to stay.

It is unfortunate that I have many stories to tell that contradict the seemingly serene setup where we now call our weekend home.

My favorite colors on a butterfly. Elegant grey/white, does that remind you of Trio..

My favorite colors on a butterfly. Elegant grey/white, does that remind you of Trio..

2007 case1: Our container at the dry storage area of the marina, was broken into multiple times. Its a long story, but I dont want to narrate the whole thing, but only this, the brazen thieves cut away our lock and replace with their own. They see we have so much valuable stuff in there that they want to keep other thieves away from it, including us. We had to break in ourselves, into our container! We lost about US$9k, which we are recovering from the marina, thru the legal route.

2007 case2: Not all bad incidents take place in Sebana, but our weekend forays into Malaysia increases our exposure to general crime and danger. After leaving Sebana at 4am, I arrive at a Shell in JB for refuelling. While standing by the fuel pump, 2 men in a motorbike came up, opened my passenger side door, grabbed my bag and gone! I was only 3 secs slow in my reaction to prevent the snatching! Fortunately my wallet was not in the bag.

A place of many beautiful sunsets

A place of many beautiful sunsets

2007 Case 3: Trio accident. Small damage, small incovenience. That however, could be really nasty. What if the guy didnt have insurance, what if the guy is a bully… If you read other road incidents and crime news in JB, you would realize that this small matter in other civilised society is a very dangerous situation in Malaysia… From that day on, I am not allowed to drive alone in MY. Never again! Urgh Urgh!

There were no notable things that happen to us in MY in 2008. Probably due to our heightened state of safety and security paranoia. We spent afew thousand on security devices for the boat, container and Trio. Unauthorized entry into the container now is probably going to be a painful experience… 😉

As for travelling between home and weekend home, we changed our driving patterns to avoid traffic in JB to reduce our exposure to accidents and thievings. And we never left Trio parked and unattended for more than 30mins whenever we have to shop, even if we see security guard holding rifles and patrolling with dogs. Yes, security guards with rifle slung over shoulder, is the standard crime prevention standard for large shopping malls in JB. Unbelievable!

2009 case 1: Doug’s bagpack went missing for 24hrs. Nothing lost…? We dont buy the story about us misplacing the bag and the security found it next day.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and be advised of the troubles under the pretty surface. .. Go visit, and enjoy pretty places, but always be careful, thats how I feel about journeying.


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