Consolation for a terrible day at Kips’

I dont think I will go back to Kips’ again. The incident with Trio being scratched destroyed all good feelings that I had with that place. So here is my final seafood meal will stuff bought from them.

Showing how large this cockle is

Showing how large this cockle is

Relative of the big cockle? RM2 is a great price.

Relative of the big cockle? RM2 is a great price.

Fresh and good at cheap price.

Fresh and good at cheap price.

Chuk Chuk, muddy swamp snails...

Chuk Chuk, muddy swamp snails...

Some of the great stuff at Kips. Great buys, but its not worth it. It will cost me much more to fix my paintwork! And the heartache!

Alright, so what do you do about muddy swamp snails, aka chuk chuks? Put them in a bucket and give it a good shower with a powerful spray. Rinse, spray, rinse spray until you get all the mud off. Scoop them into another pot, rinse the bucket to remove debris thats stuck at the bottom.
Chuk chuks escaping from "bathtub"
Chuk chuks escaping from “bathtub”

Then transfer them back… Tip: they crawl slower in a plastic bucket. Ok, I am really finicky about cleaning them up. Dont think you want to eat mud either, so do as I say.

Washed and ready to boil

Washed and ready to boil

The large cockles are easy to prep, power spray wash. See how much more white is showing now? Let it soak for abit, 15 mins, hopefully it will spit out some mud/sand. I think these are sand cockles… .. how did they get so big?

Half shelled

Half shelled


….This is my 1st time get them big ones. I cant find any recipe online for cooking large cockles, so this is what I come up with. Boil for 5 mins, turn off fire but let it sit till cool. Pry open shell, cut off muscle attached to shell. half shelled after cooking. Half shelled cockles are just for picture taking. .. Remove cockles from shell, slice into strips, put in a bowl of cut chili and lime juice. Hmm…! I like it. Cant describe the taste, you gotta try it yourself.

Cooked Chili chukchucks

Cooked Chili chukchucks

………..As for the Chuk chuks, its quite a lot of work with the washing, then cutting of the “tails” for opening them up. Its alot of work for not enuf meat. This is how I cook it, again its my recipe, from how I think the hawkers do it.

Cut up 2 garlice, slice thinly 1 chunk of ginger. Fry ginger and garlic until brown. Add CC, and water, cover lid. Stir after 2 mins, add large chunk of chili paste (to suit your chili tolerance.. but I like it really spicy hot) . Stir, cover again. Turn off heat after 3 mins.
Eh… do I have to describe how to get them out of the shell..? 🙂

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