Seafood heaven..


Manila clams steamed in garlic ginger chili and rice wine broth

The heaven that most Singaporeans want to go to… for me, gourmet heavens are here on earth. .. < I hope I dont have to choose between the heavens, or I will be really split up >

Still crazy after my futile clam hunt from last weekend, I went all out to get them… Manila clams (frozen, not fresh) from Tesco JB, GongGong, Fish roe, century eggs from Kips’ in Kota Tinggi.

Well, I want garanteed seafood for dinner alright! Will do the clam hunt another time.

The story for today. Out of bed at 0400, watched Dow close in on 7000.. (.. yeah..!..) Left home 0445, did some local errands, cleared JB customs 0600, had a excellent Dim Sum breakfast at the shop near Pelangi JB. Highly recommend, but cant remember the shop name.. Its really near Pelangi, walk down just abit and viola! They only open for breakfast.

local chili padis, small and dangerous

local chili padis, small and dangerous

Arrive at Tesco, nap in T’rio for abit.. till Tesco open at 0800… Clams are not fresh, but I just bought them anyway… Left Tesco 1030. Arrived Kips’ 1100. More shopping, great stuff! I like Kips’. This is my 2nd visit to this clean, privately run supermarket. Was very happy in my 1st visit, to buy a whole 1kg snapper for just RM$14, 1/2kg large squid for RM$4, 1/2kg medium tiger prawns for RM$8. All that ingredients went into making a excellent Cevichi! The veg section was supergood and cheap too. I hand pick my chili padis from a big pile of locally grown chili’s. The prepacked thai chilis are available and they look fresh, but the local chili padi’s are just the best in flavour, tho they look not so uniformly bright red and not perfectly shaped.

Fish roe in garlic, ginger and chili

Fish roe in garlic, ginger and chili

The shellfish man wasn’t openned during my 1st visit to Kips’ in Jan. So happy to finally discover what hes got! Very fresh and pretty good supply of rather exotic shellfish. Nope, he dont have the really expensive abalone, nor oysters, nor fat juicy geoducks. But huge size cockles, gong gongs, chuchuks, lahlahs, mussels were just what I wanted. I had wanted them all… seriously! Barely managed to keep myself to choosing only 2 items, gong gongs and some fish roe. Should have my camera with me.. at least I could have a picture of his stall! A shrine for all seafood worshippers.

Gong Gongs. A type of edible sea snail.

Gong Gongs. A type of edible sea snail.

The highlight of my dinner … <…drum rolls…> … GongGongs. Why are these named GG? I wonder that myself.. .. ..

My previous attempts at cooking these shells were not so successful. 1 batch had alot of sand, 1 batch was kinda plain, 1 batch had most of the meat stuck inside the shell. This time, I rinsed, soaked for 15 mins, rinsed 3 more times, before cooking. Added more ginger, chili and garlic, a touch of dark soy sause, and viola! This batch was just perfect. Better than Jade Garden in Sg Rengit! Here’s a picture of a snail pried out and ready for the mouth.

Gong gong out of shell..

Gong gong out of shell..

Now who’s ready to try one!? Well, nobody took up my offer to come visit me within 1hr of my picture posting on facebook. I guess most of my friends are not so adventurers in trying out new food huh..

Quail century eggs

Quail century eggs

Oh, btw, these were my appetizers, Quail century eggs and beer. It was an amazing discovery for me, that beer bought out better flavor to the rich taste of these eggs.

Hmm.. oh yes, we left Kips around 1200, had a good pork rib soup “aka bak kut teh” lunch in our favorite KT shop! Left KT1300 and arrive Sebana 1530. Did some errands and start cooking 1630. šŸ™‚ Only 1hr to cook up all those stuff shown above. Doug cooked his own “spoon Taco beef” dinner. He’s not having any part of this… šŸ™‚ <..all the better for me…>


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