In search of CLAMS!

I confess to being a seafood junkie, and my favorite in that are CLAMs! My happiest childhood days were spent clamming away on some remote island off Punggol. A 2 hour clam hunt along the beach of Coney Island will yield half a bucket.

Then, for some reason, life changed. My family didnt go clamming anymore, and I went on to school and did other stuff. I still love seafood and clams, but I would buy them cooked or “fresh” from the supermarket.

As I recall, my last successful clamming trip might be when I was 10. After all these years, I wonder if I still enjoy hunting for my own clams. So, when I did the cruising trip up to Phuket with Doug on S/V Calliste in 2005/6, I decided to hunt clams once again. This turn out to be rather embarrassing for me, as I got no clams to show, whereas the non-clammer Doug picked up 1(at beach near Telega Harbour, Langkawi) and found 3 large pin mussels(on a remote island beach in Phang Nga Bay, Phuket).

BTW, I am not yet given up on clamming. I am still on the lookout for clamming beaches wherever I go. Just this weekend, a great clam craving spell overcame me. I pulled Doug away from whatever his plans were and off we go on a clam hunt. We drove from Sebana, down the road to Sg Rengit, turn left to head towards the sandy beaches off the East Coast near Desaru. We are looking for sandy beach clams…

My cute little SUV at Rumunia Beach Resort.

My cute little SUV at Rumunia Beach Resort.

We turned off the main road leading towards Desaru, when we near to the beach front community near Gombak. We were surprise to find a rather nice resort and vibrant activity going on there. This weekend, a bunch of SGreans were doing kayak school. Apparently their subject this week, was coming in on the surf.

Kayakers preparing to come in on the surf

Kayakers preparing to come in on the surf

It was fun to watch them go through with all their strokes and ride up and down on the surf. None of them got into any trouble coming in. Maybe the conditions were not  bad, only 1 metre surfs.

Riding the surf

Riding the surf

Opps! Almost fell in that time..

Opps! Almost fell in that time..


looking for the right spot

Okay, enuf watching. Back to the topic of clamming. Since we were here at this nice little open resort, I thought we might just try clamming right here on this beach. Armed with 2 plastic spoons, I set out to find my clamming spot amongst the rocks. This place looks promising, with a bunch of dead clam shells washed up in a pile. Where you have dead clam shells, you must have live clams too. That was Dougs’ theory.

Clam hole #1

Clam hole #1

Here I am digging my 1st clam hole of 2009. Just 4″ down, we realized that this is not to be. The sand was to coarse under the 1st layer of finer sand. Not quite the right texture for clams.

Ok, moving on to the next beach up the coast. We past a Army camp, 1 kampong, 2 broken up bungalows. Normal things in MY that dont fit in the nice waterfront living scene. Finally drove off a unused, overgrown path that led to the beach about 3km from the Rumunia resort.
Clam hole #2, plastic spoons still intact

Clam hole #2, plastic spoons still intact

What a world of difference 3km makes. The sand on this beach was much finer. This is more promising that the last beach, with again, more dead shells and finer sand.
Doug and teamug on beach at Rumunia

Doug and teamug on beach at Rumunia

Well, so whats’ the verdict? Found nothing but dead clam shells after 4 holes on this beach. Surprised that the disposable plastic spoons held up from all this digging too. Hey, ok, so Lang has no luck clamming yet again!

Well, at least Doug had a good time at the beach and documenting as I, once again embarass myself with futile clam hunt.

2 Responses to “In search of CLAMS!”

  1. April 13, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Hi, I’ve searched in random for a blog that tells people where to find clams.
    I’ve never done clamming, but I’ve heard some friends talked about it.
    I’m actually looking for a nice place for clamming, with my kid and wife. Can you recommend one?
    I’m living in KL, but travelling to Desaru or somewhere within M’sia shd be ok. Thanks…

  2. 2 funvinyldecals
    May 2, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Hey, great to know that you are going to introduce your family to the joy of the sandy beaches. I hear that the northern beaches of Desaru, near to Sedili, may have some. Its best to ask the locals when you are in that area. Good luck!

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